Friday, September 22, 2006

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Youth Experimental Physical Theatre
The Youth Theatre is one of the most well-know theatres in Vietnam, it was established on April 1978 . The theatre has been contributing to the Vietnamese theatre industry now for 27 years and have been successful in theatre for children, adult theatre, musical theatre and physical theatre.
Early in 2001 the director of the Youth theatre decided to put experimental art forms on stage in order to reach a higher expectation of enjoyment for audience. The first production was " Dream of Happiness", directed by Le Hung who has so much passion, ambition and dreams and is considered as one of most powerful directors in Vietnam. Meritorious actress Lan Huong played the lead role.

In October 2002 the play was sucessful in the International Theatre Experiment Festival, based in Viet Nam for the first time, and won great respect from other experimental theatre companies around the world. They have been invited to perform the play in several countries.

In 2004 the play won an award of excellence at the International Short Play Festival based in China. After winning the respect of a wide audience Executive director Tran Tien Thuat continued in his ventures with the second play: " Nhat Nguyet Thuc" ( Eclipse of the Moon), directed by ' Meritorious Artist' Lan Huong, cast: 3 pantomimes; Phuc dzy, ke Doan, Bich Ngoc, and 5 other actors; Nhu Lai, Hong Hanh, Duy Anh, Nguyet Hang, Kim Oanh.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Play: Dream of Happiness
Director: Meritorious Artist: Le Hung
Cast: Lan Huong, Anh Tu, Nhu Lai, Hong Hanh.
Music: Le Tien
Hapinest is one of the most amazing human emotions. From birth to the day they die people always try to find happiness. The funny thing is that in life happiness is always around us but often we fail to see it, istead we keep seeking it... By the time we realise where true happiness lies it is usually too late, by then we are ethier too tired, miserable, or dying... what it is that brings happiness depends on each person. Some people think that if they have food to eat that will bring happiness, some people believe that if they get what they dream for that is their happiness, some people think that doing what they love is true happiness (even doing what they love but not providing what they need). And some find happiness as they swear to their lover clautching leaves in their hands...Life's full challenges, expectations and needs. Do you know what to do? Here is the key: Enjoy the every moment you have... Because you never know when you're gonna go!

True happiness is found in the journey more than the destination
There is no time like right now
So live enjoying every moment

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eclipse of The Sun

Play write: Lan Huong
Director: Lan Huong
Music: Le Tien
Set design: Le Son
Cast: Lan huong, Nhu Lai, Ke Doan, Duy Anh, Hong Hanh, Nguyet Hang, Dam Hang, Nguyen Anh, Hoang Tung, Ngoc Van, Hai Hung, Quan Anh...
Based on four different stories: The first is the story from the bible about the creation of man, the second: "Horse-man, man-horse" by Nguyen Cong Hoan, the third: " Tiet Giao steals the pearl" from the Tuong art form, and the fouth: " Motherly love" by An-dec-xen. Meritorious artist Lan Huong creatived a story about the ever-living elements of human experience; love and compassion. It is divine quality of the creator.
Hey there, listen to sighs and the mutters throughout space
Listen to the people praying and singing
They have been created by the divine and eternal god.
These are spirits born of this wide and vaste space.
God up above is smiling with gladness.
Even through hard times they will endure.
Walking through flames will still seek happiness
This is the gift that god granted us.
Granted us body and mind.
This is a performance that uses physical and philosopical expression, and the most important element of phyical theatre is experimentation

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Echo of Planets

play write: Minh Thinh, Bich Ngoc
Director: Minh Ngoc
Set design: Trung KienMusic: Le Tien
Cast: Ke Doan, Bich Ngoc, Phuc Dzy and the group of actor
This physical theatre play is about the inability of human beings to take care of their natural environment.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Mysterious Patient
Playwrite: Nguyen Khac Phuc
Director: Lan Huong
Set design: Doan Bang
Music: Tuan Nghia
Movement instructors: Lam Hai Yen, Ke Doan, Minh Duc
Artistic Director: Meritorious Artist Le Hung
Producer: Truong NhuanProduce
Cast: Lan Huong, Nhu Lai, Ngoc Van, Ke Doan, Hoang Tung, Tra Huong, Le Hang, Quan anh, Cong Dung, Hai hung, Dam Hang, Thuy Hang, Phuong Thuy, Ngoc Ha, Van Trung, Thu Hien...
Enter into the last years of the 21 century, step forward into a time moving from one century to the next. A place where we can travel in intelligent vehicles, live in intelligent houses, eat intelligent food, when we are sick be treated in intelligent facilities, and we control robots of human intelligence. But does this make humans more intelligent? Does this make us safer? The french writer Andre Gidder warned us that 'should you try to create life, civlizilation will eventually kill life', if people can't keep their hearts real. Please keep the scentific inventions as a vehicle, don't let ourselves become the slaves of our own inventions. The human heart will forever be a mysterious place given to us by god in order to love and hope. If we do the opposite we will surely become 'the mysterious patient'.
This performance was broadcast on Vietnam Televsion on channel VTV1 on 10 June 2006.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Han Mac Tu

Playwrite: Phan Cao Toai
Director: Meritorious Artist Le Hung
Asistant Director: Meritorious Artist Lan Huong
Dramaturg: Nguyen Thi Minh Thai
Music: Le Tien
Set Design: Tran Hoa Binh
Cast: Nhu Lai, Cong Dung, Hoang Tung and ensemble.

In this biographical description of the talented but unfortunate life of Han Mac Tu, the play 'The last 100 minutes of Han Mac Tu' brings not only a bunch of crazy poems but also takes the audience into a world in which they witness the deapest levels of emotion. Han Mac Tu suffered in agony, struggling with the pain of leprocy, and a burning desire for love.

The director cleverly used to the image of the moon as a re-accuring symbol throughout the 100 minutes of 'violent burning'. The stage would become sprawled with moons and the more beautiful the moon appeared the deap the suffering of Han Mac Tu in his physical battle with lepracy. "'They' all love the moon don't they? And now they are mocking me? The moon... so lovely, so lovely... and what a wonder, as my agony grows and grows, I spill out these poems. That those who treasure poetry may feel something profound". The audience do not feel as if this is a performance but instead it is like entering into his life, a life of deap suffering, brutal honesty roar emotion, a life that no one can quite understand, that of... Han Mac Tu.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Physical Theatre Artists of the Experimental youth theatre Vietnam introduces themselves.
Artist, Lan Huong, born into 1963. Her nick name is 'Mit' (jackfruit)
Passionate, and working in the industry from 10 years old. As a child she had one weakness: she wasn't afraid of anything except one thing that she had never seen 'ghosts'. But when she is in front of the camera or on stage she is like a different person: full of life... These days she works behind the scenes as the head of the experimental physical theatre in the Youth Theatre. She finds this job very difficult, as a woman, but nevertheless loves her role in the theatre.
Artist, Dao Ke Doan born in 1958 one of the first mime artists in Vietnam, now he works as the assitant director of Experimental Physical Theatre. He is very social concious and through his work often raises money for charity. Through teaching and performing mime, he helps to bring happiness to disabled children.